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Collect money when recommending ANote Music

Become an ANote Music Ambassador

Join the ANote Music Ambassador & Referral Programme by inviting people to our platform and earn when your invitees sign-up and invest. Join ANote Music by creating an account and start sharing your personal ‘referral code’ today.

Tell others about ANote Music

Start referring today

∙ Share the unique referral code you’ll find in your portfolio section
∙ Invite your contacts to join ANote Music
∙ Make sure your contacts enter your referral code when registering
∙ Automatically unlock the PRO feature after sending out 5 invites

Sign up and start referring

Become a member

∙ Just create your account on the ANote Music Platform
∙ You’ll find your unique referral code in your portfolio section

What you need to know

∙ Complete all required information in your profile section
∙ A bank account is required to withdraw funds 

Receive money when your contacts invest

Earn your rewards

∙ When your referral invests and the auction successfully closes
∙ When royalties are being distributed to your invitee(s)
∙ Grow in level as ambassador and benefit from bigger rewards
(see rewards & levels below)

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lvl 1 ambassador



Receive €5 to your account for every €100 that your invitees successfully invest in primary market deals, once the auctions have been closed.
The reward is credited per tranche of €100 that your invitee invests.
Earn up to a total of €100 this way.

PRO Features

Receive the PRO-interface after inviting 5 contacts to the ANote Music Platform.
The reward gives you access to deeper insights and more analytics to base your investment decisions on.
Unlocks automatically and for free after sending out 5 invites from within the platform.
lvl 2 ambassador



Receive revenues for every invitee who unlocks the PRO features, when royalty earnings are being distributed to your invitees. When royalty earnings are being distributed to invitees who unlocked the PRO features, ANote Music will share a percentage of the applied distribution fee with you:
  • Receive 2% from the royalties earned from catalogues purchased in the primary market
  • Receive 4% from the royalties earned from catalogues traded in the secondary market.
 Reach ‘level 2 Ambassador’ by inviting at least 20 contacts to the ANote Music Platform.
Earn up to a total of €10,000 this way.

Spread the word and collect now