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No need for deep pockets, just a smartphone in your pocket

Monitor, invest or trade assets on the go. With the ANote Music app, you will have instant access to all the tools necessary, even when you are on tour.

Two phones showing the platform on app
Mockup performances on phone

Never miss an auction or trade.
Monitor your investments, anywhere you want.

Have access to our primary and secondary market deals, wherever you wish to go. Follow up on your investments and have your portfolio always at your finger tips.

Mockup performances on phone

A complete marketplace with investor centric tools, fully made available to take with you on the road

Why remain stuck behind your computer, if the world outside is calling you? We’ve innovated our design and tools in an app to give you the full ANote Music experience. Do everything you would do from our desktop platform, straight on your mobile device.

Phone and Macbook showing logged out platform

Grab your phone and start investing in music & earning royalties

Browse our selection of music catalogues, have a clear analyse of their financials, place bids or trade with other investors and already earn your first royalty payouts within the first 6 months following your investment.

Music section on the ANote Music app

Browse Music

Discover new investment opportunities and shuffle the full collection of songs.

Music section on the ANote Music app
Exchange market on the ANote Music app

Easy and quick access to auctions & exchange markets

Navigate flawless between the different markets. Aquire shares on the primary market or trade shares with other investors directly on the secondary market.

Home page on the app

Stay in tune with the latest news

Make sure you stay up to date about all latests royalty payouts and catalogue news by scrolling the news section.

Home page on the app
Balance on the app

Get a clear view on your portfolio and keep effortless track of your earnings.

With royalties being paid out within 6 months after investing, you want to make sure to keep a clear overview. With our app, following your progress will be as easy as pie.