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Invest in music, own a share in the
EL Éditions catalogue

Earn royalties by investing in some of the most popular artists within the French Pop, EDM, Folk-pop, Rock and Electro music scene. This opportunity includes songs from award-winning artists such as Boulevard des Airs and Vianney, as well as many of the nation’s rising stars.

Since 2018, the music catalogue of EL Éditions has generated royalties exceeding €300,000 yearly. The 5% of its publishing royalty stream auctioned for €60,000, sets the listing at an entry multiple of 7.00 over the last 12 months’ royalties, resulting in an expected yield for investors of 7.07%.

The listing itself has a maturity of 10 years and gives exposure to a remarkable growth opportunity, with a return of touring activities, as well as the inclusion of future tracks. First distributions are expected within 3 months upon the auction closing date.

Visit our platform, create a FREE account and discover more about the opportunity of owning shares to this medium-sized mature music catalogue, with protected royalty flows, diversified by genre and focused on France.

About the Listing

Here’s your opportunity to invest in the publishing rights of the first French music catalogue auctioned on ANote Music. The EL Éditions catalogue includes rights of (multiple) award-winning artists and flourishing future superstars in the French music scene. 

Winning bids will offer investors the right to receive cash flows deriving both from the already-produced 248 tracks included in the catalogue, as well as from songs that EL Editions publishes and acquires throughout a 10-year deal horizon.

The listing gives exposure to a remarkable growth opportunity, with a rebound in the main artists’ touring activities, as well as production of new tracks expected to deliver great results. An opportunity not to be missed.

About the Catalogue

EL Éditions is a French independent publishing company, founded in 2009 by Bertrand Louis, then joined by Rodolphe Dardhalon. The catalogue of EL Editions includes more than 240 musical compositions, diversified across genres, published and acquired in over 12 years of robust presence in the music industry, with in particular the discovery and publishing of some of the most successful new generation of French artists.

 Amongst these are Vianney, who over the past decade with tracks such as “Je m’en vais” and “Pas là” among others has been named Songwriter of the Year, Male Artist of the Year and Original Song of the Year at the prestigious, Victoires de la musique awards. Also included are Boulevard des Airs, honoured at the Victoires de la musique awards as well and who have been met with huge success thanks to songs such as “Emmene-Moi”, “Cielo Ciego”, “Bruxelles” and “Demain de bon matin” to list just a few.

The catalogue also contains songs from renowned artists such as TiBZ, June the Girl, Elise Reslinger, Maxime Manot, Chuly Santa Maria, Ulysses from Mars, B’Boy and Trackhead. 

The publishing company itself is a member of SACEM (the French National Collective Organisation). The company is managing a continuously growing portfolio of a diverse bredth of music genres, while collaborating with important and famous publishing houses such as Universal and Sony.


  •   Vianney was the YACAST Number 1 Francophone Artist of 2017 (with 152,283 radio broadcastings for a 2.7 billion audience) with his first two albums certified Platinum and Diamond;

  •   Vianney over the last decade has been awarded multiple recognitions, as Songwriter of the Year (RFM Award, 2015) Male Artist of the Year (Victoires de la musique, 2016) and Original Song of the Year (Victoires de la musique, 2017);

  •   The first three albums of the group Boulevard des Airs have met a huge success with songs such as “Emmene-Moi”, “Cielo Ciego”, “Bruxelles”, “Ce gamin-là”, “Demain de bon matin” or “Laisser Faire”;

  •   Elise Reslinger’s single “Danser pour toi”, became a big hit in the summer of 2015, and has been viewed over 650,000 times on YouTube; the artist has another very interesting project for youngsters titled “La princesse qui rêvait d’être une petite fille”, an illustrated novel with soundtrack songs;

  •   TiBZ in 2017 was a nominee at the NRJ Music Awards under the Francophone Revelation of the Year. His songs “Ton Sourire” an “Mon Sud” have met great success, while “Tout au bout du monde” is counting more than 18 million streams to date and has been ranked in the top 20 for general radio airplay in France, Belgium and Quebec;

  • “I say Love” and “Emotional” are the biggest and most well-known French-English songs of June the Girl.

The next big asset class are music catalogues

1 - Track record

Well-established music catalogues only

ANote Music only handles catalogues with a minimum of 3 years stable royalty history.

2 - Cash Flows

Collective Management Organisations

For any catalogue on sale, ANote Music has legally-binding arrangements with CMOs to ensure and distribute royalty inflows.

3 - Passive Role

No active management activities

Investors through ANote Music have a passive role in the management of the purchased catalogues.
Big explainer of the ANote Music process

How does it work?

ANote Music combines a friendly look, an innovative trading approach and a dynamic interface to provide you with an intuitive music trading experience.

By participating in an auction, you are helping to provide the music industry with an alternative funding model. Shares acquired in the primary market also benefit from a 50% discount on the distribution fees and only get withhold 4%.

Once the auction phase ends, you’ll receive shares for your successful bids. What’s left to do? Sit back and benefit from royalty distributions or trade with other investors on the secondary market.

Big explainer of the ANote Music process