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"I Love To Love" these
royalties, Don't you?

This catalogue gives access to royalty streams for the coming 10 years from the 1970s disco classic I Love to Love originally performed by Tina Charles. Within the first week of its release, the track became a no. 1 hit in the UK and stood high up in the charts across the globe, marking Charles’ music career zenith.

The catalogue generated royalties averaging above €19,875 yearly over the past 3 years (2018-2021). With a listing valuation of €55,650, the listing is set at an entry multiple of 7.00 over the last 3 year’s average royalties resulting in an observed yield (yearly IRR, employing constant 3-year average royalties) of 7.07%.

The starting price is set at €11.14 per share and first royalty payouts are expected within 6 months upon the auction closing date.

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About the Listing

Here’s your opportunity to invest in the publishing royalty streams from the iconic and popular 1970s disco track ‘I Love to Love’, brought to you by ROBA Music Publishing. 

Winning bids will offer investors the right to receive royalties every time the song – or one of its included remixes – is either played on the radio, streamed or sold (digital, CD and Vinyl) throughout a 10-year deal horizon.

The listing gives exposure to a well proven and long lived asset. An opportunity not to be missed.

About the Catalogue

This catalogue exists entirely out of the publishing right for the iconic and popular track ‘I Love to Love’. The song was originally released in 1976, performed by the British artist Tina Charles. Within the first week of its release, ‘I Love to Love’ became a number 1 hit in the UK and stood high up the charts across the globe.  Over the years, the song got reissued in many remixes, making it a true disco-pop classic.

The catalogue has been generating consistent income throughout the decades, proving that the included song and remixes can withstand the test of time.

About ROBA Music Publishing

Hamburg-based ROBA Music Publishing is one of Germany’s leading full-service music publishing companies, operating within the music industry since 1969. They provide global writer & publisher administration, clearance & licensing and music supervision for all media. Over the years, ROBA has established a diverse portfolio of clients which includes composers, artists, producers, publishers, music labels, film production companies, broadcast networks and brand companies. Their proprietary innovative technology includes an advanced and transparent client dashboard, as well as global licensing, collection and monitoring solutions


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1 - Track record

Well-established music catalogues only

ANote Music only handles catalogues with a minimum of 3 years stable royalty history.

2 - Cash Flows

Collective Management Organisations

For any catalogue on sale, ANote Music has legally-binding arrangements with CMOs to ensure and distribute royalty inflows.

3 - Passive Role

No active management activities

Investors through ANote Music have a passive role in the management of the purchased catalogues.
Big explainer of the ANote Music process

How does it work?

ANote Music combines a friendly look, an innovative trading approach and a dynamic interface to provide you with an intuitive music trading experience.

By participating in an auction, you are helping to provide the music industry with an alternative funding model. Shares acquired in the primary market also benefit from a 50% discount on the distribution fees and only get withhold 4%.

Once the auction phase ends, you’ll receive shares for your successful bids. What’s left to do? Sit back and benefit from royalty distributions or trade with other investors on the secondary market.

Big explainer of the ANote Music process