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Invest in music, own a share in
Zero Assoluto's catalogue

The iconic Italian pop-rock duo Zero Assoluto have always chosen to work at the forefront of innovative projects. They can be considered real “artist-entrepreneurs”, being the first in the Italian pop scene to be completely independent, self-financed and becoming big superstars.

Over the past 3-year period, Zero Assoluto’s catalogue has generated royalties averaging above €41,000 yearly. The 15% of its publishing and master royalty streams auctioned for €87,000, sets the listing at an entry multiple of 14.5 over the last 12 month’s royalties, resulting in an expected yield for investors of 6.90%.

The listing is set for the entire Life of Rights, with the inclusion of future tracks. This offers exposure to a sensational growth opportunity for music fans to profit from Zero Assoluto’s iconic status, not to mention a rebound in touring activity, as well as production of new tracks.

Visit the ANote Music platform, log in or create a FREE account and discover more about this opportunity. Next time you’ll be enjoying and listening Zero Assoluto’s albums on repeat, you could actually be generating revenue too.

About the Listing

Here’s your opportunity to invest in the publishing and master rights of the first independent Italian artists who became real superstars: Zero Assoluto. The music catalogue auctioned on ANote Music includes rights to all music produced by the iconic duo, including albums certified Double Platinum and Gold.

Winning bids will offer investors the right to receive the royalties deriving both from the musical compositions that were published, produced and acquired over the course of more than 23 years career of the band, as well as for tracks that Zero Assoluto will release throughout the deal horizon.

About the Catalogue

Ever since the band’s debut single ‘Ultimo Capodanno’ in 1999, they have been a prominent player in the Italian music scene. During the first decade of the 21st century, Zero Assoluto has been dominating the top of the charts, with multiple singles and albums getting certified Double Platinum and Gold. Their single ‘Svegliarsi la mattina’ broke Italy’s all-time records in 2005, by remaining for 52 consecutive weeks in the Top 10, making it the nation’s No1 best-selling single of the year.

The duo’s collaboration with Nelly Furtado for ‘All Good Things’ became an instant international hit and the single ‘Appena prima di partire’ was performed together with the Canadian singer-songwriter during their participation in the 2007 Sanremo Music Festival. Over the years, Zero Assoluto has become a source of inspiration for many of Italy’s emerging artists. Nowadays, the band’s new releases are still thrivingly reaching millions of streams, besides their featuring as soundtracks in several big Italian films.

The catalogue contains hit songs such as Semplicemente (“Simply”), Svegliarsi la mattina (“Awake in the Morning) and Appena prima di partire (“Just Before You Leave”) which are tremendously popular in Italy.

Zero Assoluto operates through the companies Lasugo S.r.l. and OB1 S.r.l., the publishing rights are distributed by SIAE and master rights are distributed by Artist First S.r.l. and Warner Music.


  • In 2005 Zero Assoluto entered the Italian Top 40 chart with “Semplicemente“, which reached No2. The amazing success of this song brings them for the first time at the 56th Sanremo Music Festival;

  • Svegliarsi la mattina” reached No1 on the Italian Top 40 chart. Same success followed them also with the song “Sei parte di me“, which also reached No1;

  • The band again entered the Sanremo Festival in 2007, where they placed 9th with “Appena prima di partire“. Nelly Furtado performed at the event as a guest star. Their second album “Appena prima di partire” was released during the festival and reached Platinum on April 15 of the same year;

  • Their DVD Zero Assoluto Extra won the Italian Videoclip Prize, the Pvi 2007, and the Extra Prize of the Giffoni Music Concept 2007 for the best special contents;

  • In 2009, together with Antonello Venditti, they were in the spotlight as the protagonists of the New Year’s Concert at the Imperial Forums in Rome;

  • In 2010, the duo won in Verona Arena the Wind Music Awards for the success of their album “Sotto una pioggia di parole”.


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1 - Track record

Well-established music catalogues only

ANote Music only handles catalogues with a minimum of 3 years stable royalty history.

2 - Cash Flows

Collective Management Organisations

For any catalogue on sale, ANote Music has arrangements with royalty distributors to ensure and distribute royalty inflows.

3 - Passive Role

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Investors through ANote Music have a passive role in the management of the purchased catalogues.
Big explainer of the ANote Music process

How does it work?

ANote Music combines a friendly look, an innovative trading approach and a dynamic interface to provide you with an intuitive music trading experience.

By participating in an auction, you are helping to provide the music industry with an alternative funding model. Shares acquired in the primary market also benefit from a 50% discount on the distribution fees and only get withhold 4%.

Once the auction phase ends, you’ll receive shares for your successful bids. What’s left to do? Sit back and benefit from royalty distributions or trade with other investors on the secondary market.

Big explainer of the ANote Music process