First Chapter

First Chapter

With the early thought of developing a stock exchange market for music royalties, ANote Music’s founders started discussing the concept in January, delving into the music industry and making plans.

This was the beginning of the journey — what a journey, indeed. Driven and motivated by a desire to innovate the traditional music business model and tackle its crevices, the Team, Our Team, had one goal: To create a liquid, transparent and integrated market for music rights. Months of stimulating debates reassured our initial aim. We were sitting on a revolutionary, new way to unlock the music industry and the conventional investment opportunities, with the help of Blockchain technology.

What a journey, indeed.

After being referred to Technoport, the Hi-Tech Incubator in Luxembourg, the idea was presented to Diego De Biasio (CEO) and Olivier Zephir (Business Advisor), and the project started taking place. The next steps were already delineated. We needed to create a thorough Action and Business Plan, and start performing market validation along with the creation of the platform’s prototype. We had in mind the Artists, the Investors, the music fans and every owner of music rights along the way.

Technoport, Luxembourg.

This was our 1st Chapter. Eight months later, ANote Music accelerates in the hopes of setting new valuation standards for royalties across the EU.

We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiries, and stay tuned for more!

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