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Trade & invest commission free in music rights and receive dividend-like payouts through the generated royalties.

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Benefits from investing in Music Royalties

True diversification

Music rights and listening habits are not correlated with traditional financial markets. They are less subject to fluctuation, making them a very promising diversified alternative asset class.

Growing market

Streaming services are expanding rapidly. Goldman Sachs expects the market to double in size by 2030. Favourable regulatory development will underpin widespread adoption.

Passive income generation

Music catalogues generate royalty cash flows. Royalty payouts can provide long term, stable returns.

Music industry boost

Funding isn’t always straight forward in the music industry. Help an artist or music project develop and grow through your investments.

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Overview on how it works for investors

Bridging the gap between music industry & financial markets


Three problems affecting the music industry

Continuous investments

The music industry is capital intensive. As funding is often scarce, artists require a consistent stream of revenue to secure a prosperous music career.

Deferred payments

Artist, publishers and record labels receive royalties on a deferred basis. The lag between performance and revenue collection limits reinvestment opportunities for all involved in the music industry.

No transparency

Music rights are often negotiated behind closed doors, often resulting in mispriced transactions and a loss in artists’ creative control. The process is ready to be opened up to the public and made more transparent.

ANote Music, the integrated solution

We understand that music is the next big asset class. We embrace innovation, not disruption. No job loss for the music industry. No players threatened. Providing mutual advantages.


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Our latest news

Tune in for the latest news and blog posts about the music industry, investment opportunities and the ANote Music platform.

More royalties thanks to “Strani Amori” sync in Milani’s “Come un gatto in tangenziale 2” movie

More royalties thanks to “Strani Amori” sync in Milani’s “Come un gatto in tangenziale 2” movie

The second part of the Italian comedy “Come un gatto in tangenziale 2” by Riccardo Milani aired in the cinemas duringAugust 2021, amazing its audience with its intelligent script and soundtrack choices. Laura Pausini’s song “Strani amori”, part of the Benvenuto Edizioni Musicali catalogue, was proudly featured in the film, coming once over in the forefront of the recent successes. This prominent win...
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Music Catalogues blogpost cover

What is a music catalogue? What has it to do with royalties?

Over the last years, music catalogue acquisitions have been at the spotlight of the music scene. While these exchanges of property have been always happening within the music industry, recently they have been gathering a lot of attention from big capital players. With multi-million deals taking place, significant momentum has been created, with valuations of music catalogues constantly rising, to...
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Financial Update - ID004 - ID005 - ID007

Financial Update: ID004 & ID005 & ID007

ANote Music has received, according to the accounts provided by Royalty Trade Zone - the original transferor of the Artur Gadowski Catalogue (ID007), the Piotr Konca Catalogue (ID005) and the Tomasz Lubert Catalogue (ID004) - the royalty payouts of the respective catalogues for the reference period of January 2020 - December 2020.
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