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Your future royalties unlock opportunities now

Selling a portion of your future royalty streams. How does it work? What are the requirements? How will you benefit?

Fund your new music projects. Put your music catalogue up for auction on the ANote Music platform and get immediate access to funds, once the auction successfully closes.

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Beat the inefficient funding model the industry faces

The music industry has mainly been a closed market up until now, with contracts being privately traded between industry players. With the creation of a liquid, transparent and integrated marketplace for music royalties, we are here to unlock new financing opportunities and to help artists avoid the issues the music industry currently faces:


Requirements to be listed

Prior to publishing a music catalogue on the platform, our team of specialist and market experts evaluate the assets with a thorough due diligence process. Together with the seller, we make sure all necessary contracts are in place and agree on a fair valuation. All catalogues listed need to fulfil the following requirements:


Full disclosure of any contractual arrangement involving the catalogue, as well as a minimum 3 years of historical data from past royalty income flows. These are necessary during our due diligence process, in order to agree on the catalogue’s valuation.

Track Record

ANote Music applies a strong financial approach, allowing the investors to analyse the catalogue’s financial history. We only work with catalogues that provide solid track record of generating royalty flows over the past 3 to 5 years. To be considered an investable asset, the catalogue needs to generate €10,000 or more in revenue, per year.

Minority Share

In order to ensure that the seller does not engage in activities that might disrupt the catalogue’s revenue generation, we only allow for minority catalogue shares (max. 50.00%) to be listed on ANote Music. As the seller keeps a controlling stake in the catalogues being sold, we ensure business continuity, as well as a proper alignment of interests.

Explainer of the market process
Overview of the 5 steps to list on our platform


Every asset that gets listed on the platform requires to pass a thorough due diligence process.  The sellers are required to provide ANote Music the contractual details and historical track record of the music catalogue.


After careful evaluation, ANote Music will propose and determine together with the seller the target selling price for the music catalogue. A fair starting valuation is necessary both for the seller as for buyers, in order to successfully complete the auction.


The auction phase launches during which investors and music fans can place bids to acquire shares in your catalogue. Even when 100% of the auction target has been raised, investors will still be able to outbid other investors until the auction time expires. Hence, potentially increasing the valuation of your music catalogue.


The auction phase is completed successfully only when your auction target has been reached. Once this happened and all bids have been verified, the raised funds will be transferred immediately to the seller. It is only at this stage that the agreed upon publishing fee gets applied.


The investors receive the acquired shares from your music catalogue. From this moment on, ANote Music will take care of receiving the generated music royalties and distribute them accordingly to the investors. Time for you to fully focus on those new projects, which has just received fresh funding.


Sell permanently or for a limited number of years

There are numerous reasons why songwriters, artists and publishers look for funding: from the need to receive an advance to finance new projects, launch live tours and market them, record new albums or simply to cash out. As the amounts and reasons for funds may vary, we propose multiple solutions to best fit your needs:


Transfer ownership of the shares to your music catalogue in perpetuity (lifetime of artist + 70 years after death) to receive a higher valuation.

This option is ideal for those who need to finance large new projects, or that are looking to cash out.


Sell a percentage of your music rights for a fixed period of time (e.g., 5, 10, 12 years) and see full ownership return to you at the end.

This option is ideal for those looking for quick cash to boost their music projects and re-evaluate the status in a few years time.

In any case, no investor will ever have a say on your career.
Investors through ANote Music are your passive partners.


Our success story

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