Investing in royalties

Investing in royalties

ANote Music’s purpose is to allow and facilitate the acquisition of music royalties, yielding to future earnings. Unlocking a new and safe monetization opportunity, music rights owners (Artists, Songwriters, Record Labels, Publishers, etc..) can offer their rights for sale on ANote’s platform, which runs on private blockchain developed in-house.

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After performing our Sanity Check on the legal and financial aspects of the rights, the offering of a music catalogue triggers an auction where investors can bid for a part of it. Once the auction is completed and satisfies the requests of the original rights owner, the Shares of Rights (“SOR”) are allocated to the portfolios of the Investors. [As Investors we consider every Investment company, HNW Individual who aims to diversify his investment portfolio, Smaller Investor or Music Lover.]

At this point, the rights become available on our Secondary Market, where the Initial Investors can sell their positions, or new Investors can own SOR even if they didn’t participate to the primary auction of the rights. The exchange is, then, executed when there is a match between the bid and ask price on the trading book.

Chart and trading book of a test music right

Songs generate royalties EVERY time they are played, anywhere worldwide. Whether we are talking about shops, restaurants, clubs, bars, radio, Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, or even as part of commercials and movies, in that moment, the song is generating royalties for its creators and rights owners.

Collecting companies as ASCAP, PRS, SACEM, SIAE, GEMA, Soundreef take care of collecting the royalties from the music providers mentioned above, and distributing them to the legitimate rights owners. Once a music catalogue is sold on ANote Music, we will take care of receiving these royalties and distributing them to the Investors according to the amount of SOR they own.

Thanks to ANote Music, Investors can now get a direct exposure on music revenues and earn the royalties produced by their preferred artists, who in exchange receive upfront cash to develop new music projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or inquires. We’ll keep you updated on what’s coming next!

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