The Turning Point

We are in front of a turning point in the Music Industry. 

After a lost decade of negative growth, the business has been enjoying a decisive rebound from 2015 – the main drivers being the digital and streaming channels.


1 %
growth in Global recorded music revenues in 2018
1 %
growth in Streaming revenues in 2018
million users of paid streaming subscription accounts by end of 2018

Source: IFPI Global Music Report 2019


Streaming is the engine of growth of global music revenues. In 2018 revenues originated by streaming amounted to US$8.7 billion and accounted for 47% of the global recorded music revenues.


There is a clear political willingness to address the value gap and integrate the EU Digital Market

Market interest for Music Royalties

We have identified a growing interest towards investing in the Music Industry. 

We are in front of a radical Business Model change, and many big players are increasingly eager to have a slice of it.

Uncorrelated Investments

Music Royalties are uncorrelated to traditional Financial Instruments

A growing Market

Collecting Agencies around the world are reporting steadily increasing amounts of Royalties collected.

9.7 % growth of the global recorded music revenues in 2018.

Technological Developments

Technology allows a better tracking of music consumption, both on streaming and on traditional channels

The Investment Platform