The market validation

The market validation

Chronicling abbreviated the work of almost 1 year, our thorough market validation involved future stakeholders across the globe.

Milan, Italy, February 2018 — Having the support of veterans of the music industry reassured our powerful enterprise. We managed to connect with current and preceding CEOs and C-executives of one of the Big3 record labels in Italy and of the main Music Publishers’ Associations and Record Label Associations in the country. Undeniably, their positive feedback didn’t mean an easy way for us. Their comments were demanding and challenging, but they acted as our needed boost, urging us to refine our business strategy and further targets. Their incredible experience was crucial to gain a deep-insider understanding of the industry trends and needs.

At the same time, they encouraged us to push on the development of the platform, in order to present a minimum viable product (MVP) and acquire the first official expressions of interest from rights owners.

Berlin, Germany, May 2018 — Berlin was a definite lift for us. ANote Music was affirmed as an idea with huge viral potential, not only based on its musicfacet, but also according to its investors’ standpoint. The representative of a Berlin-based promotion agency for record labels, artists, publishers and music events predicted ANote’s potential to become a “mode” once it’s launched, initiating awe in the industry, spreading quickly by word of mouth and remodeling the way music rights are managed.

Brussels, Belgium, May 2018 — Closing a DJ Manager as our first client/ tester sell-side was what happened in this trip of ours. Interested in offering our services to his clients as part of his Management Services, and becoming our Ambassador for Belgium and The Netherlands was what followed. And this made us extremely glad!

We also spoke with a Music Manager in Milan and an orchestra Director in Rome, who also has great experience on music content production for television. A renowned base composer and a famous songwriter in Los Angeles, gave us their feedback as well. Since they were all confident about the idea of being able to receive a cash flow “today” in exchange for their future royalties, we carried on our market validation process.

London, UK, April 2018 — Three artists in London and Berlin were highly interested in how ANote could facilitate the way record labels invest in new artists and new projects.

The importance of financing new projects for independent labels was stressed during one of our meetings with a small independent record label in Rome. According to him, the success of an artist is often directly correlated with the amount of investment he can receive. An analogous feedback was obtained from an independent music producer in Berlin, excited by the idea of having a liquidity injection to finance new projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or inquires. We’ll be back shortly with more news and updates!

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