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ANote Music platform accomplishes 4 different sections:

1. SELL-SIDE SECTION: where music right-owners commit to selling, upload documents and determine the T&Cs of each offering.

2. PRIMARY MARKET: where Auctions on newly offered rights take place.

3. SECONDARY MARKET: where music rights are traded after the Auction phase.

4. PORTFOLIO SECTION: where investors have access to statistics, charts and information on catalogues in their portfolios.

In order to allow a safe, reliable and transparent trading system for royalties, we will be processing the rights as Smart Royalty Contracts via Blockchain technology. We developed our own Private Blockchain in order to execute the transactions and, thanks to the general ledger, keep track of the ownership chain of the rights in a rock-solid way.  Furthermore, using a Blockchain system will allow partners (i.e. major Record Labels – which will be selling music rights on ANote) to “own” a node, providing an additional layer of security for them.

Private Blockchain