Winter events — End of 2018 chapter

Winter events — End of 2018 chapter

The two last months of 2018 found ANote Music in the spotlight.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 16 November 2018 — Sonic Visions, the Music Festival and Music Industry Conference of Luxembourg, was a brilliant occasion to exchange opinions and discuss about future technological trends that impact the Music Business. Our CEO, Matteo Cernuschi, hit the stage to give a pitch about how ANote Music will impact the way Music Players have access to funding.

“We are creating the bridge between the Financial Markets and the Music Business, democratising the investments in music royalties and providing new funding opportunities.”

We are so glad to have had the chance to talk with so many people that came to visit our boot! It was extremely motivating to see how we were raising questions and curiosity within all Music practitioners, from managers to publishers and Artists. If you missed us, but you still want to give a glance to what happened, follow the link on the Sonic Visions website to read more!

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 13 December 2018 — Mind & Market gave the chance to ANote Music to attend and present, in its Luxembourg edition.

Matteo Cernuschi, CEO & Co-Founder at RTL Lunch&Learn / Image Credit © ANote Music

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 14 December 2018 — In the context of RTL Lunch&Learn and an introductory lecture about Blockchain uses in the Music Industry at the HQ of RTL Group, our CEO had the pleasure to present the ANote Music business case and our practical application of Blockchain in order to revolutionise music funding.

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